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Joanne McNeill Joanne McNeill

Joanne is currently on a leave of absence from Parramatta City Council, where she manages the Social Enterprise Program which she established in 2007. She is working on a PhD titled: Enabling social innovation – opportunities for sustainable local and regional development. In 2012 Joanne joined Social Enterprise Finance Australia’s Credit Committee; and in the first semester 2013 is mentoring students in the University of Sydney’s Remote & Rural Enterprise (RARE) program. Until recently she was a member of the Social Innovation Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Alliance, and also co-founded Social Enterprises Sydney and the NSW Social Procurement Action Group. Joanne co-authored Australian Stories of Social Enterprise, and in 2009 was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to undertake a study tour exploring public sector support for social enterprise development. Previously, Joanne was the Network Relations Manager for the pilot of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, a corporate social responsibility initiative. She has worked in consulting, briefly in the nonprofit sector and in community theatre, and also spent two years living and working in Central America with her then young family.

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