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Suji Upasena
Executive Manager


I am passionate about social enterprise and using it as a tool to achieve social and economic participation for all. I currently work at Cabramatta Community Centre heading the social enterprise division: Multicultural Enterprises Australia. I have over 5 years of experience in social enterprise. One of the highlights of my career was establishing a social enterprise cafe in Auburn which achieved a 60% rate of employment working with long term highly disadvantaged clients. Prior to this, I worked in international development assistance working with companies such as German Technical Co-operation & World University Services of Canada. I also founded and managed my own consultancy firm which carried out market research and impact evaluations for international development assistance projects. I hold a Bachelors in Economics and an MBA in International Business.


ME Farm Manager







Andrew O’Carrigan
ME Farm Manager


I am currently the project farm manager for Multicultural Enterprises Australia. My past roles included working at The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, local council authorities and in private business as a landscaper and horticulturalist. I bring to this role a unique set of skills that are both practical and theory based. I specialise in plant growth requirements and teaching new students what plants need. My goal for this role is to develop a productive space that will improve the lives of our clients both nutritionally and in affordability.

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