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Training for Work

If you want to follow your dreams and do what you love, it’s important to focus on getting the right skills to match your passion. At Multicultural Enterprises Australia we provide information on where you can find training and offer selected training courses.

Currently we are running a Certificate IV in Project Management in partnership with SWSi (TAFE South Westerns Sydney Institute). This is a partial qualification funded by State Training Services. The course commenced in Nov 2013 and is due to finish in May 2014. We have 12 students enrolled.

For information on current and upcoming courses email us at memanager@cabracc.org.au

Volunteering to Get Work Experience

Volunteering is a great way to learn about the Australian workplace culture and build your networks. Very importantly, it also provides you with a local referee. Since we commenced in 2010 we have hosted over 25 volunteers and are proud to say that over 80% of them have found work or moved on to do further studies.

Sita (left) enjoying selling farm produce at the Africultures Festival, Auburn (2013)

Sita (left) enjoying selling farm produce at the Africultures Festival, Auburn (2013)

 My volunteering experience at Multicultural Enterprises Australia (based at the Cabramatta office)

I became a volunteer to keep myself occupied after arriving in Sydney and gain some local experience during my job transition phase. It was hard for me to find work here and I needed something to keep me going. I wanted to try my hand at a new sector, which is the Community services sector, learn something new and take up varied challenges.

“I was looking for something challenging and the chance to utilise my transferable skills. What I enjoy about volunteering for ME is that the work is varied and there is chance of interacting with lots of people. I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, every minute of my time helping disadvantaged communities.

During my period, I had the privilege of attending the Community Engagement BBQ at ME farm in Mount Annan. I met and talked to the Community Work Experience students of MTC Work Solutions at ME Farm and Job Service Agencies. It makes it all worthwhile when you get to know, as an organisation what we are doing for the community.

The work I do in ME has built in lot of confidence in me and has helped me to know something about “Social Enterprise”. I enjoy the friendships I have made at the office and the fact that it helps me continue to grow as an individual and socialise with a multicultural set of colleagues.”

Sita Pai, North Sydney

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  1. Sita has been the ‘dream’ volunteer. She has helped us with everything from project management & admin to farm work. Her ability to pick up things quickly and her willingness to try her hand at anything is inspiring. Sita, is a real delight to work with! She has recently secured a full-time role and we wish her all the best!
    – Suji Upasena, Manager, Multicultural Enterprises Australia

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