Multicultural Enterprises Farm

 ME Farm (Multicultural Enterprises Farm) exists to:

  • Promote and teach people methods in growing vegetables and fruits sustainably
  • Offer volunteering or work experience opportunity for anyone wanting to find work
  • Sell naturally grown veggies and herbs

We exist on a 250m2 urban backyard in Sydney. We are utilising the SPIN (Small Plot Intensive) methods.

MEfarm start-up 4

Our farm site after only 4 months of ground work. The volunteers have added the scarecrow as part of there own personal touch to production.

MEfarm start-up 2

Turning of the soil three times over a 2 week period provided ample control of couch and kikuyu grass from this area. We moved onto bed preparation with the help of volunteer groups.

MEfarm start-up 3

Bed preparation included adding rich humus compost. The beds were turned a fourth time and leveled for seeding straight into. We also sprayed the beds with microbiological agents.

MEfarm start-up 1

Starting is always the hardest part. Thankfully we have some wonderful volunteers who are willing and able to make easy work of this patch. We used a rotary tiller and rotary plough.

















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